Communication Skills for Impact

This practical workshop is organized to enable participants to learn about basic and more sophisticated communication processes and skills, then apply their learning in a variety of work-related activities and exercises. Theory and hands-on practice proceed at a brisk pace in an enjoyable interactive environment.

Communication is one of the most powerful skills that humans possess. As our workplaces change, relationships must be built more quickly than ever before and, without having authority, we are often required to influence others and understand them, to achieve results. The ability to communicate well is central to our capacity to perform effectively.

With our extensive knowledge of the different software currently on the market, including all Microsoft and Adobe applications, ON-TRACK Corporate Training Ltd. has a diverse and flexible schedule that can be customized to your needs – we offer group course (both public and corporate), one-on-one training, and on-site training options. We also have easily accessible on-line training videos available.

Duration: 1 Day


After this workshop, the participants will be able to:


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