Facilitating More Productive Meetings

You can transform meetings, often considered a time-waster, into a powerful tool for getting things done and strengthening the team, by learning the specific skills needed to manage more productive meetings. Participants will learn effective techniques for building an agenda, facilitating and focus the activities of a group, keeping the meeting moving, managing the work of the Minute-taker, assuring that discussion leads to decision, and dealing with conflicts as they arise among meeting members.

In an interactive and practice-oriented environment, participants will also learn whom to invite to meetings, the roles and responsibilities of key meeting members, and the necessity to delegate such tasks as room arrangement and minute-taking. Handling "difficult" meeting members is an important skill they will practise. As they distinguish between various types of meetings, they will grow in the confidence that they can lead any type of meeting to a conclusion satisfactory to themselves, the members and to the organization.

With our extensive knowledge of the different software currently on the market, including all Microsoft and Adobe applications, ON-TRACK Corporate Training Ltd. has a diverse and flexible schedule that can be customized to your needs – we offer group course (both public and corporate), one-on-one training, and on-site training options. We also have easily accessible on-line training videos available.

Duration: 1 Day


After this workshop, the participants will be able to:


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